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Listen to what local people have to say about our bakery:

An Enticing Spot: Cravin' Cookies

there are still good places
with good people
brought together by good food
a coffee frosted shortbread
to be savored
with folks known
only as fellow customers
they share books read
films watched
lives changed

they smile and hug greetings
not knowing last names
just knowing fellow travelers
through a world
that too often
seems bewildering and lonely

an old adobe filled
with artist's treasures
and strong coffee
offers solace
and cookies
to all who choose to enter

~ Joann Sheets, 3/11/2014

JD gives his seal of approval! 


"A life without food is no life at all.  A life without good food is a life without bakers.


And, with the baker and the food at Cravin’ Cookies, Albuquerque is now a little more alive than it was before.


When you come to this adorable, comfortable little bakery in the northwest of the city, you come to treat your stomach, to sweeten your tooth, to tingle your tongue.  But when you leave, it’s also your spirit that feels nourished.  Because even though the cookies and the breads and the desserts are legendary, and deservedly so, and the coffee is hot, and the sun shines cozily on the back patio, it’s the love that makes the little shop shine.  That may sound corny, but it’s true.  If you don’t believe me, come to Cravin’ Cookies and ask for Barb.  She’s the one who makes this place what it is.  And you’ll understand then what I mean.


Don’t bother asking her for the recipes, either.  You will want to, but even if she would give them to you, you can’t find her secret ingredient at any specialty shop in the world.  Measure out the flour to the last bit of powder, scoop the sugar to precisely the right granule, and you’ll still be missing her.  She pours her heart into everything she bakes, and she bakes everything in the shop.


So come see the new soul of the North Valley.  Make some new memories.  Your mouth will be almost as happy as you are that you did."


Z. N. Hively

January 2009